Driveway Paving

The first impression of your home begins with your driveway – Let us make sure it’s a good new Driveway Paving

The Driveway Paving is what your guests see first when they arrive at your home or property. With Willy Hicks Paving, your driveway can look great and provide longevity well beyond expectation. With Willy Hicks your driveway will enjoy professional construction, helped by the practical application of our generational knowledge. We cater both residential and commercial driveways, utilizing our know-how to adapt our service for the paving that suits your situation. Our paving is durable and robust, able to take whatever is thrown at it. Even under heavy foot or vehicle traffic, our paving lasts. It looks great and works better.

Want more? Extend your existing driveway with our seal coat service. Seal coating isn’t a completely new repaving but a way to prevent further damage to an existing asphalt driveway. Fill cracks and voids to create a smooth, weather-resistant Seal coating fills cracks and voids and smooths your driveway for a fresh, like-new look that protects your existing driveway. Cost-effective and secure, our seal coating service is a fantastic option for many.

Our tar and chip is another great choice for residential driveway materials, requiring little maintenance, excellent value for money, and offering a more environmentally friendly option. For a driveway of real quality that stands the test of time, call Willy Hicks Paving.





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